Due to photos and video at Gizmodo, the iPhone 4G is no longer a secret for everyone. This revelation has been a boon for all and even more for the Chinese Shanzhai community (counterfeiting). It took little time for the iPhone 4G to get its clone. Here are pictures and a video of the first clone of the iPhone 4G.

What we can say is that we find the camera on the front, a camera is much more impressive at the back of the clone, the phone is a little thicker and the peripheral buttons don’t really look like the original one. The shape is quite similar, but the colors a little different. From the video, we see that the clone lag a bit but it is quite correct and the touchscreen does not seem very precise and responsive (compared to the iPhone).

This is perhaps a prototype. There is no info on price and the operating system. The important point is that the Chinese masters of manufacturing are very responsive and very fast. They are already on the spot and it will not be surprising to see other iPhone 4 clones arrival in the next weeks and months. The result looks exciting and we look forward to seeing clones that will offer even more functionalities than the original iPhone 4. … To be continued

For the moment, I prefer the iPhone 3G to this clone and you?

Chinitech -Thanks to our partner GizChina via M8Cool

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