The most powerful camera phone Nokia N8 has just been released and unfortunately its clone too. The first clone is a 1:1 scale copy of the original one. But inside, the hardware gives us the minimum.

Its touch screen displays only 240×400 pixels for 3.2 inches. No WiFi or 3G, no need to mention the 12-megapixel sensor or Symbian OS. However it has some function similar to a MP4 player an FM radio, WAP, GPRS, bluetooth, webcam and supports Java. Its battery can last 3 to 5 hours in communication and 8-12 days in standby.

It is available in two colors red or gray and at an arrogant price tag of $105. Even the accessories are cheap, $4.5 for a second battery, a cigarette lighter charger for $1.5, Bluetooth headset for $9, and $3 for a 4GB SD card.

Actually, this clone is particularly expensive for what it offers compared to the other clones on the market. Counterfeits make you also pay a high price when you want to own a world premiere product before everyone even if it is a fake one.

ChiniTech – Source 0755gf via nowhereelse

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