Sony has just unveiled its first Android mobile phone. Its high-end phone called Xperia X10 has a successful design which attracts almost all the looks and even those of Chinese counterfeiters. Indeed they could not resist to clone this smartphone even if the real Xperia X10 is not yet available on the market.

Here is the almost perfect clone of the Sony Xperia X10 called ZOHO S90. This model reproduces every lines of the Xperia X10 with a bit of shiny chrome. Its 3.6 inches touch screen displays a resolution of 272*480, much lower than the original. It is dual sim and it can access to the Internet via its WiFi connection. The cloner has pre-installed Opera Mini browser and other software such as QQ or MSN. It even has a TV tuner plus a FM radio, Bluetooth module and supports Java 2.0. At the back of the ZOHO S90, there are a speaker and a 2 megapixels webcam. They also add a missing point from the original one, a flash. Like all Chinese smartphones, it can read any kind of audio-video and text files like a MP4 player. Finally, it has an SD slot to store your images, photos and movies and it has a headphone output.

This quad-band clone is lighter and smaller since it measures 113×58.5×14mm and weighs only 98g. Its 1500mAh battery will allow one week of standby and about 3 hours in communication. The price is still the most convincing point, since it is 8 times cheaper than the Sony and it is priced at around $90.

ChiniTech – Source m8cool

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