With the approach of Christmas, I decided to be generous and thus launch a little contest. It will allow me to further promote your favorite blog ChiniTech, and our beautiful new store ChiniStore and especially sharing high-tech Chinese Brand with our dear readers. Many languish or have questions about these tablets pc, MP4 … from another continent. This will be a good opportunity for you to test them.

WARNING! Before participating, please read attentively the rules (below).

1. Who can participate? Everyone (around the world), without exception.

2. How to participate?

  • To participate, you simply need to submit a comment on this article (here). Check your email address. This will be the only way to contact you. You can post up to 3 comments (under certain conditions). The first comment is free.
  • The second comment will necessarily include the url to your twitter account in the “Website” or “Twitter” field and follow mine http://www.twitter.com/al12loin
  • The third comment should include the URL of the RT (retweet) of this article! Copy / Paste the link in the date of the tweet. (See screenshot)
  • Last thing, if your comments do not appear immediately, it is normal! They must be approved before being displayed.
  • If the rules are not followed, your comments will simply not be accepted.

3. When and how are the winners selected?

  • The game will stop at 15h on November 25 November 30 (ChiniTech was unavailable several days due to hoster). Beyond this limit, the comments will no longer be taken into account. Then the winners will be drawn from random.org (number of reviews). A winning comment for a product will no longer be taken into account for the next price.


For the first Gift: The famous Tablet PC?Zenithink ZT-180
THE best of the Tablet PC “Made in China”, we find a 1 GHz processor, Android 2.1, a 10-inch screen … More Info on the article of the blog or on the product page ChiniStore, Zenithink ZT-180.


For the second Gift: The MP4 Player Ainol V9000HDG Touchscreen HDMI 1080p
Ainol good MP4 player with 8GB of memory and a 5-inch touchscreen, capable of playing 1080p HD video. More details on the product page ChiniStore, Ainol V9000HDG.


For the latest Gift: The eBook reader Teclast TL-C-K5 Color Paper 720p
eReader from the famous brand Teclast, it has a 5-inch screen, it has 4GB of memory and also the technology c-paper for a color display! More details on the product page ChiniStore, Teclast TL-K5.


Good luck! Some of you will need it, because I do not know about you, but I never win in this kind of contest!

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