At the 13th High Tech Expo held in China, the famous Chinese manufacturer Haier has unveiled its latest 3D TV. This TV is ultra flat it measures only 2.48 inches thick. It will be possible to view 3D content in 2D (including HD, of course). And according to the Haier staff, the TV includes a software that can convert videos from 2D to 3D and vice versa. In addition, the 3D TV includes a WiFi module with which you can download, use VOD, Skype … etc

The major innovation of the TV is of course the 3D but also the integration of Mo-card. This is the first 3D TV from Haier to use it.
But what is Mo-card? Mo-card is a technology that has been created by Haier, it can transform your TV into a multifunction TV. Indeed, through a slot in the TV, you insert a disk (not like Nintendo games, rather ugly types of printed circuit boards) which will add functionality to the TV. You will transform your TV into a real computer (besides, you can connect your keyboard and use the remote control as a mouse). Haier has already developed several Mo-card like games similar to the Wii, the fitness game, the tennis game (see video), you use the remote control as a joystick. But there are also other modules such as receiving news from the portal Sohu or the Mo-card Xunlei. Xunlei is download software with a specific protocol like eMule, where you can download music, videos and film for free and legally.

I admit that the system is interesting. Haier has understood that the TV is the most popular media where it is important to gather all the applications. After washing machines, Haier king of TV?

ChiniTech – source ea3w

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