After we exposed their first 3D TV, the giant Chinese electronics TCL announced again another innovation. TCL has unveiled the first Chinese TV to integrate Android. Indeed, the R&D center of TCL was working on the integration of the Android platform since 2008 and today the result is a success. Not only can you connect the TV to the internet, benefit from VOD, chat, make your purchases online, access the online TV, but also benefit the many applications for Android and especially connect all your electronics devices to the system to remotely control them!

For now, the sales in China may be delayed due to the Chinese laws on the control of media (especially TV). But a solution may emerge very quickly as this innovation provides huge opportunities and as it was not avoidable. And it could be a good alternative to Google TV in China.

TCL has already announced it will integrate its system on its future smartphones and MID (ah, MID?)

ChiniTech – source tech.qq

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