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Hi people!

As everybody knows, China is well-known for being the new workshop of the world. But, what we know less is that in China there are numerous national brands which manufacture their own products such as MP4 players, Tablet PC, mobile phone, smartphone… Indeed, I believe in those products and I think that they will grow from the technological side at the same rate as China’s growth.

To follow this evolution, I have launched in 2010 Chinitech (pronounced “Chine High Tech” or “China Tech”!), a personnal blog, in order to let you discover and share my passion for electronic products and gadgets manufactured and designed in China. I try my best to cover Chinese High Tech News, last buzz, speculations and rumors in China going through numerous websites and forums.

Chinitech temple is maintained by two geek monks, with Chinese origins and impassioned by China, known as deniss and al12loin (a little bit hard to pronounce in english!). We have in common this same addiction to new technologies and others geek stuff since our childhood.

Webmaster: al12loin & deniss (23 years old, Business School)
Editor: deniss & al12loin
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If you are a Chinese girl, pretty… wish to join our small team or bring your kindly help (english, french, chinese…) you can contact us at contact[at]chinitech.com or by filling the form (contact page).

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