Recently, China has published a survey about the relationship between minors and internet. The main result of this survey is that 64.1% of interviewees say that when they are in a bad mood or depressed, they look for comfort on the internet. Among these 64.1%, 17.1% of the participants surf on internet, 25.6% play online and 21.4% write on their blog. Moreover, 58.1% choose to share it with their friends or family.

The survey also reveals that the best ways to appease on the internet are:
– Listen to music online, 83.3%
– Chat online, 64.8%
– Watch videos online, 55.4%

This study named “Use conditions of the internet by young people” has been implemented between April and September 2009. It has been realized conjointly with the youth security center, university of telecommunication of Beijing, political and social sciences academy and others experts and researchers linked to the theme “internet and the violence at school”. This survey has been realized in 27 Chinese cities focusing on primary and High School students from 11 to 18 years old.

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