At this very moment the city of Shenzhen is holding the China Consumer Electronics Fair (CCEF) , a fair where all Chinese manufacturers of electronic introduce their last products to the public. This year the star of the exhibition is the Tablet PC in particular the iPad and its derivatives clones.

A reporter sent by tech.qq show, has found a counterfeit iPad for $130. This one is available in 2 sizes $130 for the 7 inches version and $205 for the 9 inches version. No more information yet, except that it will be available by late April mid May
The journalist also reported that iPad clones are not in the process of mass production right now, but fake plants are recruiting workers. According to him, about 40 to 50 counterfeit factories will begin to produce or convert their production to iPad clone. Most of them are already specialized in counterfeit product like mobile phone, GPS, netbook or electronic ebook reader.

ChiniTech – Source tech.qq

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