According to news from the Chinese portal Sina, Facebook has created a project of expansion in Asia. To form a team for this project, Facebook has hired several engineers from Google China. The last movement of Facebook, might be a sign that it is about to settle in China.

Indeed, there was a rumor not so long ago that indicated that Facebook was likely to open its website in China. Also Facebook is trying to build a research and development office in Beijing and would at the same time, hired a headhunter to find new employees for its office in China. However the source contacted by Sina says that, taking into account the current market conditions, an entrance in China for Facebook will not be easy.

This is not the first time that Facebook recruits new employees from Google. Between 2008 and 2009, at least seven persons high ranked employees made the trip from Google to Facebook.

This suggests that Facebook is looking for the best elements of Google anywhere on the globe even if they are in China. But this expansion project in Asia (the fastest growth area for Facebook) and recent recruits from Google China is a confirmation of Facebook China’s ambitions.


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