According to an article by, the largest social networking site Facebook is about to make a comeback in China during this year.

Remember, two years ago, Facebook attracted to the Chinese market, had launched a Chinese version of its website. Before the government censored Facebook, the site had managed to add total of 300 000 new members. A crumb of bread compared to Taiwan which for example collects more than 5 million registered account. Indeed in many countries, Facebook has taken a monopoly on social networking sites even becoming the most visited website taking the place of But now in China, a multitude of copies as Renren, Xiaonei or Kaixin benefited from the blocking of Facebook have monopolized the Chinese market. It will be very difficult to Facebook to dethrone those copies that have innovated in their way to better be adapted to Chinese culture.

It’s a safe bet that Facebook late return in China, despite its worldwide reputation, is a failure. Are we going to watch a Google vs. Baidu remake?

ChiniTech – Source sina

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