INFO, our partner GizChina, just informed us that the access to www.YouTube.comYouTube has been unblocked. So after reading his message, I had the same gesture as them, I switch off my VPN to be sure and… wonderful! YouTube works. After several attempts, the page had some difficulties to show. It seemed to be unsteady. So the question is, is it official or is it just an error? And why? Why now, is it due to the recent event, the departure of Google from China to Hong Kong?

Regarding Facebook and Twitter, it seems not to work. I think that YouTube has not the same importance compared to these two social network websites. YouTube is more an entertaining website whereas Facebook and Twitter is more about dialogs. And since the creation of YouTube, the founders have made significant effort to monitor the content of their videos. Savings on VPN is not for now, but we stay optimistic and hope that it is official (as our partner thinks). For me, I think that we shouldn’t rush because everything is possible in China.

Nevertheless, we will inform you of every changes and information that we will get on this affair. Stay stuned…

ChiniTech – Source GizChina

Update: bad news, the blockage has been reestablished. We should see it coming, we can never be sure in China…

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