Since the PSP came out, many people hoped that Sony would release a mobile phone version, but Sony doesn’t want to mix up his phone and video game console. This was without counting on the masters of Chinese counterfeiting that fill this gap. M8cool got a prototype of the so called PSP phone ahead and made a brief presentation. Through the pictures some details inherent to the new phone mode differentiates the fake one. Firstly, on the front two buttons appear to take phone calls. Then, on the back we can find a lens in order to take photos or videos. Also the PSP phone integrates an SD slot and a dual SIM card slot. In addition, the screen is a touch screen and the author of the article reveals that the final version will adopt Android OS. Casually, these fake craftsmen could bring up some fresh ideas to Sony for its upcoming PSP. And we need to emphasize their imagination and their technical skills!

Source M8cool

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