3D is now unavoidable and it probably will be the trend of 2010. After the streaming 3D from UUSee and the first 3D televisions from TCL, here is the first 3D newspaper in China. This is the Shiyan Evening News newspaper (十堰 晚报), it was published on April 16th in Shi Yan in the province of Hubei.

This newspaper was composed of 16 pages and every newspaper has been accompanied by a pair of glasses, for the price of 1 yuan (10 cents). The only regret is that only the advertisements were placed in 3D among which, a dinosaurs theme park, a poster for the film Clash of the Titans, hospitals, cars… and of course the publicity for the supplier of 3D glasses.

I want to congratulate this new innovation and think that it will be very beneficial for advertisers as their advertising will be much more attractive. Hoping that the next release will apply the 3D on all articles, because it’s not 3D advertising that will save the crisis of newspaper (paper).

ChiniTech – Source David Houstin (nouveau blog de David Houstin, fondateur de Chine-Informations)

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