Today, the biggest online game portal 17173 has issued an investigation into Chinese online players for the year 2009. This study has revealed that revenues in the third quarter of the top ten online gaming companies have reached 550 million euros. In addition, it showed that the largest group of online players represented 33.5% are office workers then students who have been relegated to second rank and now represents 21.6% of players.

Zhang Jie, CEO of the portal 17173, explained that in the total of all players, 73.5% of them had a job. The main users of online games have therefore a stable source of income, and their percentage increase from year to year. Consequently, the average revenue per user also increases, and this can lead to paying customers to spend more and more, from € 8 to € 25 per month in a near future.

According to statistics from 17173, at the end of 2008, the number of Internet user in China had reached 298 million, the rate of Internet penetration was only 22.6%. While South Korea, Japan and the United States, has an Internet penetration rate over 70%. In China, 62.8% of Internet users play online games, a ratio that increased to 3.5% compared to 2007.

As you read these statistics, we can see that the margin expansion in this sector is significant. The future of Chinese online game promises to be rosy.

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