The success of Android in China is increasing inversely to his founder Google. Today, most Chinese manufacturers have integrated the open source operating system in their range of netbooks, smartphones, UMPCs, etc. … But recently, the Sino-British car manufacturer ROEWE has decided to integrate the latest version of Android to his future model known as the Roewe 350. This will be a first time in the automotive world. The brand has insisted that Android will not be assigned to manage the engine or mechanical components. It will be mated to the combined GPS dashboard. And it will offer a multitude of multimedia features such as Internet browsing, viewing 3D maps from Google street view or live traffic info etc… The car will be unveiled at Beijing auto show which starts next April 23rd. I personally dream about watching a little film in 3D streaming with 3D glasses provided by UUSee. Let’s be serious, a simple GPS already generates many accidents, so if you can now surf on internet while driving, I can’t imagine the forthcoming carnage on the Chinese roads.

Roewe 350


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