Although it has been available for a long time through networks of illegal imports via Hong Kong, the iPad will come out tomorrow in China, about five months after its official release in the United States. This is a paradox because it is manufactured in China in Foxconn plant, which had been on the news for a series of suicide of his workers. Prices start at 3,988 yuan or 455 euros or $ 595 for the 16GB version.

Another announement, China Unicom, the second mobile operator in China also announced the release of the iPhone 4 on September 20th. Prices will range from 4,880 yuan to 5,660 yuan for the 16gb and 32gb. which is 1000 yuan cheaper than those imported illegally. But the probleme of the clones 3-5 times cheaper, which have already conquered a great part of the market remains.

ChiniTech – Source gizchina

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