The first shipment of iPad lands in China specifically in the Beijing electronics area (ZhongGuanCun). Demand is very strong among customers, all want to be the first to own the new Apple toy. Consequence of the law of supply and demand, inflation is raging. Allow at least $900 for the basic version, but competition is fierce between the shops and some predict that the price will drop around $670 by the end of the month.

A shopkeeper interviewed said that the first batch of 10 iPad arrived in the night of April 6 was already sold by the next day afternoon . The retailer has announced that he wanted to offer 860$, but when seeing the unprecedented enthusiasm, he decided to increase the price to $900.
Here are the prices charged by the shop, $860 for the 16GB version, $960 for 32GB, and $1100 for 64GB.

Indeed, the official iPad retail price in USA is $499 for the basic version. We must add 8% tax, and the fare until the U.S. to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Beijing. By adding all these expenses, one unit costs about $540 for the seller, who sells it $900 which means he makes 360$ of profit for each unit sold.

Well, do you know that the iPad clone cost only $150 !

ChiniTech – Source donews

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