KFC the famous fast food chain specialized in poultry, has proposed limited promotional offers through its Chinese website. One of these offers was particularly attractive, for example KFC proposed the Family Pack at half price (3,20 € instead of 6.40 €) valid during the day of April 6th.

To take advantage of this offer we had to print the corresponding e-coupon and present it to the cashier. Many clients went to their KFC with the printed coupon, but at their surprise most restaurants refused to honor the offer, which quickly annoy many aggrieved customers. Many of them have asked for explanation and therefore stayed in restaurants, forming mobs. There were even clashes in some restaurants, requiring the intervention of police forces.

Only hours later, leaders of KFC responded to their customers through an official statement. They said that their computer were hacked and those e-coupons should normaly be available later in the afternoon. In short, this explanation does not really satisfied customers who express their hatred on the web and boosted by the passion of exacerbated patriotism, some cries out for boycotting KFC.

Now the question is how KFC will survive to this bad marketing move in this country
which attaches a great importance to honor (mianzi)? Does Mc Donald eternal number 2 in China behind KFC, will take opportunity on it ? Well wait for the next episode …

ChiniTech – Source chinasmack

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