Search engines in China changed their home page as a sign of reverence since the tragedy that shakes China. Two years after the one in Sichuan, it is Qinghai’s turn and especially Yushu district to be affected by an earthquake.

Baidu, Sohu, and Bing have changed their logo and home page and presents a continuous thread on the latest news of the disaster.

Google goes even further, like the last earthquake in Chile, he has created a special page in English and Chinese. You can see photos or videos and news of the disaster state via the satellite view from Google maps. On this same page, there is a tracing system to assist rescuers in disseminating information about missing persons. Moreover, he added rapids donations forms to various humanitarian agencies including UNICEF.

The last review reported 1144 deaths, 10,000 wounded and 417 missing persons.

A thought for all the victims of the earthquake.

Google page special and donation, in English
Baidu search, Chinese

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