Announced some time ago already, the Apple Store in Shanghai opened its doors last June 10 at 10:00 precisely. This is the second Apple Store (not including Hong Kong) after the Beijing’s one located in Sanlitun. The Apple Store is located in Shanghai Pudong near the “Pearl Tower” and presents 80 Macs, iPods and 60 100 iPhones (iPhone not 4 yet). It features a cylindrical glass structure with the apple logo suspended in the upper part. With the Apple Store, Steve Jobs unveils its ambitions to conquer the Chinese market giving the apple an image of an design and luxurious electronic product. In addition, a second Apple Store will open its doors this summer on the other side of the river in Puxi in the Hong Kong Plaza. Apple would plan to build about 25 Apple Store in China.

ChiniTech – source CNNGo

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