Rockchip is a semiconductor manufacturer which has a strong presence in China. The main point, he offers cheap processors capable of decoding HD content such as the well known RK2808. And that is how he became the leading supplier of processors for Chinese MP3/MP4 player. But it is also one of the first manufacturers to have bet on Android, so it benefits from the exponential growth of the operating system from Google.

To sit this domination Rockchip will present in the next Hong Kong Electronics Show and display all kinds of Android mobile platforms. These platforms are designed for different products such as MP3/MP4 players, MID, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, portable TV, Ebook reader etc. … Rockchip will therefore go to town on a meal with design stalls to the colors of Android, T-shirt, key ring, logo cookies, and even bag for Android. They became inseparable one might almost believe that Rockchip has invented Android.

Rockchip and Android love story only begins and it is not about to stop.

I would love to know what flavor these little biscuits Chinese Android has?

ChiniTech – Source Rockchip

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