Our Android expert colleagues from frandroid recently posted photos of the Android interface of the car Roewe 350. To refresh your memory, the Roewe 350 is the first car using Android on its on-board computer (already discussed here). And of course, Roewe is a Chinese manufacturer ;)! I have to confess that with the wave of MID and the iPhone 4, we have forgotten our little Chinese car. Well, it’s time to catch up the lost time!

The system based on Android is called Inkanet, it is the combination of the words “Internet” and “car”. The system will identify the owner with an SD card which is also linked with your ID card number. The screen of the dashboard is of course touch sensitive. To connect to the Internet the on-board computer uses 3G technology from China Unicom. This Internet access will greatly enhance the experience of the driver. With Inkanet you will see the traffic in real time, view maps in 2D or 3D. If you are lost, you can call the call center of Inkanet, of OnStar (GPS system), or G-Book (map service) to redirect you or to suggest you the appropriate maps to download.


Inkanet includes another quite interesting function, the Walkie-talkie function. Thanks to this application you can call and talk (chat) with your friends if they also have inkanet. Inkanet allow you to send and receive mail, phone, watch videos, send text messages (SMS), show the weather … The system is not compatible with the Android Market, but more and more applications are accessible from updates. With an Open-source like Android, the perspectives are enormous, programmers will be able to play with their imagination in a new environment.


Let’s speak about the cost, in its basic version the system will cost you 6,000 yuan (880 dollars) you can enjoy a better quality LCD screen if you are adding 4,000 yuan (585 dollars). I won’t develop on call charges and internet access as this will be specific to each operator. But as in China, we can expect a free period of 1 to 2 years on 3G.

I will not dwell on the technical characteristics of the car but it proposes a basic 1.5L petrol engine developing 109ch. The Roewe 350 is already available in China and prices range from 89,700 yuan (13 135 dollars) for the basic version (Roewer 350S 1.5MT) up to 124,700 yuan (18 260 dollars) for the most luxurious version (Roewe 350D 1.5AT). In Europe, it will be imported under the name Roewe MG.

In conclusion, this system is not something revolutionary for the time being. You can always stick your multifunctional phone on your windshield and get the same services. But it is more the perspectives which are enormous, because the operating system is integrated into the dashboard of the Roewe 350, we can imagine that will directly monitor and intervene in engine management and on car equipments. And why not imagine Android applications modifying or optimizing this management ;).

The evolution is consistent, Tesla and Continental (Autolinq) is also incorporating Android. But at a time when it is no longer allowed to phone while driving (in France) and soon to write SMS, what will it be about such a system? Road safety will be a brake or an accelerator to the development of this new technology (application development, such as power adjustment of the headlights, speed, theft…)?

ChiniTech – source xgo et Roewe

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