When I was reading the info on the Chinese Internet portal Sohu.com, I noticed that something new in the comment field has appeared. In fact, Sohu added a sentence somewhat explicit: “Google is gone, why don’t you come to Sogou and test it (our search engine)?” (See the screenshot from Sohu). For your information, ten years back Sohu was the only search engine in China, after that Google and Baidu came and crushed him in its market. Also in 2007, Sohu reveals a case of hacking, accusing Google to steal data from the Sogou Pinyin editor to incorporate them into its own one. We now see more clearly through the message delivered by Sohu who intends to take his revenge by getting back Google’s users and in order to compete to the monopoly of Baidu. But Sohu needs first to improve its pinyin editor and its search engine to steal Google’s fan, because today Sogou’s technology is still shabby compared to Google.

le moteur de recherche sogouscreenshot de sohu.com

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