A few days ago, several Japanese p*rn*graphic film companies asked to their actresses to open a Twitter account to keep in touch with their fans. After hearing the news, many Chinese fans were eager to add their stars to their Twitter account.

Only one hour after opening their Twitter accounts, some of these lovely ladies had already received 3000 subscriptions. Some of them, extremely popular in Asia, have quickly reached 10,000 subscribers. The Chinese fans have even created a kind of race to subscription to get their favorite actress most followed.

The actresses were surprised to be followed by so much Chinese, some have even begun to use translators to answer to them in Chinese. Creating even more buzz.

Well and if we all begin to the tweet them in French do you think they will also respond to us in French. It would be a great challenge. Futhermore, the most famous actress is mixed French Canadian and Japanese! @ Ozawahokkaido

Bonus for those who want to follow them :
@mihirotaniguchi, @aoi_sola, @akanehotaru102, @showtaro3, @akiraelly, @saki_otuka, @runa0114, @bjgyuuki, @horiguchi723, @arisawa_misa, @minakokomukai, @yuuutamu, @anrisuzuki, @AiSayama

ChiniTech – Source evolife

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