Until now, the cheapest Chinese Tablet PC were equipped with a platform Telechip TCC8902, Rockchip RK2818 or Via WM8505. In terms of performance the Korean Telechip platform that supports 1080p video processor and 3D performance has a slight lead. VIA platform is the cheapest but it supports neither the HD nor Android 2.1.

That is why the Taiwanese manufacturer VIA had to react by finally proposing the support of Android 2.1 and HD video. Indeed, the manufacturer has launched its new platform WM8650 which is equipped with a 600MHz ARM11 processor and a 300MHz DSP. Much more efficient than the old version, it is now compatible with Android 2.1 and plays videos HD 720p. Although catching with the others, it is still cheaper than its competitors.

There is no doubt that prices will still crashing through the fierce competition between manufacturers, and we should find this VIA platform on many of Chinese low range tablet pc from late 2010.

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