Mister Wang (a nickname) bought in February 2007 a nice HP dv2000 series laptop. So why do we see him in the video doing… in Helwett Packard China office ?

The reason, well you may have guessed, is because he met incessant reliabilities problems with his notebook. So Mister Wang send after three months his laptop to HP Service for a motherboard replacement (under guarantee). Something that could happen to any customer though, but before the end of the guarantee, his laptop has gone 3 times more to Hp after sales service for the same problem. So when it happens for the fourth time, unfortunately outside of the warranty period, the service indicates that it will cost $450 to repair it! He turned to HP customer service to ask for clarification, and they replied that the problem is “normal” and it is therefore reasonable to pay for repairing. Well I’ll let you discover the following event.

This video has buzzed in the Chinese media because many clients (170) met the same issue and have filled a complaint against HP. But why doesn’t HP just had given him a voucher to buy a new one, instead of changing four times the motherboard?

ChiniTech – Source gizchina

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