I’m sorry but I had to do an article on these amazing products, the first one is a kind of Chinese version corset called “Boob Clamp“. It will allow women to tighten their breast. But apparently from the video there is side effects, your breast apparently get twice larger, you need to try it urgently.

The second product is a vibrator with which you will be able to strengthen your boobs and gain volume. Warning, this is not a scam! The laowai (foreigner) doctor is here to prove it. These products are marketed by the Chinese brand DEU, this brand is so well known that it arrived on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” talk show, a popular talk show in the USA.

In any case, it is much more cheaper and more cost effective than surgery. Here are the videos, I just find it extraordinary, hang in there and turn down the volume. People complain of having 5 min of advertising in France, but here it’s one advert which lasts 5 minutes!

For each order I will get 3RMB (Yuan), so girls, let’s order! Thanks to WeirdAsiaNews and ChinaSmack, I feel like I’m going to be rich.

The Boob Clamp
The Chinese Boob Vibrator
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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