You probably remember iPhone Girl or AppleGirl002, she is the lovely Korean who performed wonderfully Lady Gaga and Beyonce with iPhones. Her competitor, a Korean named Lee Yong Hae equally cute has emerged on the Chinese Web. She sings the song “Take A Bow” by Rihanna. This is not an ordinary competitor, because it is THE rival because she uses a Samsung phone and the app “Solo” running the famous Android OS. The Buzz is here and we’ve already started to nickname her, the Android Girl!
The war is officially declared between Apple and Google, I just hope that “Other OS’s Girl” will arrive on the net. Well, let’s see the video:

For the mobile phone, it is perhaps a Samsung or A Galaxy Galaxy 3 i5800/i5801. In short, given their very recent introduction on the market (not yet arrived for the last one), the Android Girl might just be a little marketing buzz made in Samsung.

ChiniTech – source weiphone

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