There is a real fan community of Transformers in China where the movie met a huge sucess, There are countless logos or products and Transformers shops.

Here is the first Transformers phone, a mobile stylish phone with futuristic architecture and design resembling the autobots seen in the film. The Chinese didn’t pull their punches, metal shell with flashy orange colors, projecting line, Transformers logo everywhere, we can see that this product was created by a fan for fans. The particularity of this phone is its screen which can be tilted at 90 degrees to the advantage of TV function with antenna. In addition, it has 2 speakers, FM radio, dual SIM card slots, bluetooth, mp3/mp4 player function and even the menu in French.

We just hope that this phone will have an international sucess like the movie, moreover this phone only cost $80.

ChiniTech – Source m8cool

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