Here’s a great concept that will make life easier for the Game of GO lover. This strategy game has Chinese origin and is nearly 4000 years old, making it one of the oldest. It is also practiced in the Korea péninsula and above all in Japan. Known as Chinese chess (WeiQi), this game is about to win territory on a table grid (19×19) by circling his opponent with 180 pawns. Often practiced by the elderly in parks or sidewalks, but it has a main default the chore of storing hundreds of pawns.

We are now in the XXI century, and the Game of GO has modernized. This high-tech concept eliminates GO pawns and replace them with LED sensitive touch integrated to the gaming platform. Moreover this platform is foldable to take less space for transportation.

Of course there were electronic game of Go, but contrary to this concept, we lost the human side of the game. But here we still feel the tactile sensation of manipulating the pawns.

ChiniTech – Source techweb

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