Let’s continue on our almost official phones thread, recently we posted the superhero Astro Boy phone, but now it’s the turn of Land Rover to have its phone. Chinese counterfeiters are full of inspiration. According to them, the phone Land Rover would be 90% similar to the car Land Rover Defender. I think they forgot the comma between the 9 and the 0, I let you judge by yourself.
On the windshield of the phone there are two small LEDs. These are actually two LED lamp, it is activated via the button at the center of the windshield. ?The entire portion lying from the front seat to the trunk of the phone actually contains a huge battery of 3 cm thick. It shows 10,000 mAh, enough to use it several weeks. Do not rejoice too quickly because you’ll learn very quickly in China that a product label is often used for decoration.
The front of the phone looks like a traditional phone. You will become the proud owner of this awesome phone Land Rover for about 50euros.
Unlike a SUV I don’t think that you can bring it everywhere… On this one, I hope that the CEO of Land Rover is not aware, it will avoid him to have an heart attack.

ChiniTech – source m8cool

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