The World Cup Soccer phone exists, and it comes from China. The MATO Ball is a phone shaped like a football ball, yes that ball is actually a mobile phone. Anything is possible in the community of counterfeiting in China called Shanzhai even this ounce of creativity that today allows you to discover this new OCU (Unidentified Calling Object) after the pig phone.

This football ball phone is really small as the photo shows it, it is possible to keep it between 2 fingers. Despite its size and peculiar shape, the MATO Ball has two SIM card slots, and a micro SD card reader in case that the internal memory of 1GB you seem not enough. This is not all it also has a speaker, a webcam and a Bluetooth module.

It can play audio, video and text like an MP4 player although its screen is only 1.3 inch with a resolution of 128x160px. Other data, it weighs 85g, the size is 5.6 cm diameter and the 600mAh battery allows you a standby autonomy of 160 hours and 2 hours 30 when calling.

For those who are not football fan we will now awaits for the World Cup of basketball, handball, volleyball or rugby version.

The phone is priced at $80.

UPDATE : 3 extra pictures, the Mato ball would be available in 32 different design


Don’t forget the Nike and Adidas Ball


And a Golden Limited Edition!

ChiniTech – Source m8cool

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