It is often said that a bright idea usually appears through the activities of daily living. Cui Runquan, a chef of 35 years old, is the best example. Restaurateur in the Chinese Hebei province, Cui Runquan is a specialist noodle dish very popular and much esteemed in China, the Dao Xiao Mian. The peculiarity of the dish lies in the preparation of the noodle, in fact, from a ball of dough and a specific gesture of the arm, the chef cuts the dough which falls directly into the boiling water. The cuisine is fairly compelling and requires a lot of energy, and it is from this observation that the idea Cui Runquan appeared. Cui Runquan said ” All day long, I used to work beside a pot of boiling water, shaving noodles by hand and pouring them in. It’s hot and steamy work, and I thought how wonderful it would be if I could build a robot to do it for me. “. No sooner said than done, the chef who left school at the age of 15 began building its robot. Today, the development is at an advanced stage and a Beijing company has already approached the Chef Cui for mass production of his robot! I hope Cui will realize his dream: “My dream is that one day everybody will eat shaved noodles made by my robot.”
Otherwise, here is a short video unearthed by Weird Asia News, two automated arms who prepares noodles in a restaurant in Japan, they don’t really have the appearance of a robot, but at least it is automated.

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