That’s what happens when a Chinese is unhappy! A (rich) Chinese owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo dissatisfied with the service’s brand decided to simply get rid of his luxury car. Indeed, on the 29th November 2010, the Lamborghini of the unfortunate Chinese refused to start, after sending it in a garage recommended and approved by the Italian brand it had still not been repaired. But again, it has been damaged on the bumper and chassis by the garage. Furious, the Chinese owner of the Lamborghini contacted the CEO of the brand Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, then the brand’s China headquarters, then Asia-Pacific after-sale service and at least the brad’s owner Volkswagen Group. But after all these efforts, no solution has emerged and his Lamborghini, although beautiful, was still in the garage and unable to start.

Totally exhausted, he decided to strike a blow and to hire a team to destroy his car with hammers. The buzz was insured and I am sure that the brand bitterly regrets for not having properly taken care of its client. It is an expensive, very expensive, buzz since a Lamborghini Gallardo in China costs between 370 000€ and 530 000€ (depending on options).

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