Everyone agrees that 2010 will be the year of 3D content. Most of LCD TVs manufacturers are all coming with more and more innovative 3D technology. But the 3D can’t be democratized if price of glasses and materials don’t decrease. UUSee a free streaming Chinese website had created the buzz by offering 800 pairs of glasses per month to enjoy their content in 3D. Although the pair of glasses offered looks nice, but it can’t hide the technology used to see the 3rd dimension. Indeed, it does not differ from cardboard glasses with plastic filters that are found in cereal boxes. This choice is understandable, since the opportunity for a more striking 3D like Avatar or builds upon it by Nvidia requires a screen with a frame rate of 120Hz. Also streaming can’t provide a video stream with that level of refreshment yet.

But we still praise UUSee to allow us to explore the 3D with nothing at all! And tell me Mr. Hadopi, what do I risk watching a 3D movie from a Chinese streaming website?

source niu donews

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