When it was presentated to the public, there were rumors that the Samsung Giorgio Armani was a copy running windows mobile of Nokia mini N97 . Indeed the resemblance is really striking between the two smartphones. Given that the mini Nokia N97 clone is already out, it was natural that the copy, the Samung Armani B7620, gets its cloned.

This smartphone is a prestigious model in Samsung range, it is the result of a long collaboration with Giorgio Armani, the famous couturier. With such a pedigree, Chinese counterfeiters still found that the smartphone was a little bit dull and could not help but change some details.

They didn’t pull their punches, as they covered the facade with gilt which shines like pure 18 carat gold. Even the keyboard gets its bling-bling treatment. Same for the color of the shell which also became golden. Be careful, appearences are deceptive, it’s got no WiFi, no GPS or 3G. However it features all the cheap features like Dual SIM, Webcam, Bluetooth, MP4 player and a FM radio. Let’s just say that the QWERTY keyboard will be only use for the SMS enthusiast.

The price of this copy is about ten times cheaper than the original, about $70.

ChiniTech – Source m8cool

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