We already presented the most similar iPhone 4 Chinese clone, but here is the the most powerful iPhone 4 clone, the Air Phone No.4. It comes just after its little brother the Air Phone No.1 presented on ChiniTech, ultra-thin clone of the iPhone 3GS (8 mm!). Even thinner than the iPhone 4 announced by Steve Jobs as the thinnest in the world, but hey we cannot blame him to have skipped a clone.

Let’s return to our Air Phone No.4, why is it the most powerful Chinese clone yet? In fact, according to the manufacturer, the phone uses a dual-core processor of last generation with a 3.5 inch touch screen displaying a resolution of 960×640 pixels (liek the iPhone 4, but without Retina Display for sure)! The screen is tempered glass made (ultra-resistant), it has a WiFi module, a Bluetooth module and a 5 megapixels digital camera contained in 9.3 mm thick (thinner than the iPhone 4)! Too bad the operating system of the Air Phone No.4 uses an MTK platform and not Android.

But it is certain that it is difficult to believe such characteristics, especially as the price will be 4-5 times lower than the original. Stay tuned…

ChiniTech – source M8cool

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