With all the buzz around the next iPhone 4G, Chinese counterfeiters are now rushing to produce clones before the real iPhone 4G arrives on the market.

Here is perhaps the most likeness Shanzhai clone of the iPhone 4G. This one does not run iPhone OS 4 however it offers a multitude of functions. It has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, dual SIM, it is quad-band, has a GPS chip, a touch screen 3.4 inches with a resolution of 340×480, two cameras with flash, it supports Java 3.4, it includes a Bluetooth A2DP, GPRS and WAP module. More important, it can serve as a MP3/MP4/E-Book player with FM radio and analog TV tuner integrated. It measures 114*60*11mm for 123g and is supplied with 2 batteries. All of this for an outrageous price of $120.

Well Mr Steve Jobs what are you waiting for, be quick and announce a release date for the iPhone 4G, because at this pace Chinese Shanzhai clones will invade the market.

ChiniTech – Source cn.engadget

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