This time is almost the good one. After the first clone that looks somewhat like the real iPhone 4G and the second clone that was even worst than the first one. It is finally here, so here is the best clone of iPhone 4G, but it still took more time than the fake Nokia N8 which was perfectly cloned at the first attempt.

Well, it’s still a little bit thick, but it catches up on the specs. It offers WiFi, GPS, TV with an antenna, the Dual SIM, Bluetooth, FM radio, and it is Quad Band. It also has a lamp and 2x camera. It can reads mp3, video and JAVA like an MP4 player. It measures 116 × 62 x 13mm and weighs 180g. This iPhone 4G clone is sold with two batteries of 2000mAh.

As expected, Chinese counterfeiters have not failed in their reputation, and like any Shanzhai product, the price tag is lowcost $145.

ChiniTech – Source engadget

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