Chinese people have now their eyes proubly riveted on the Shanghai World Expo. Besides, the mascot Haibao is displayed everywhere around the city, it is almost impossible to escape from it. Some find it pretty cute and the other thinks that he looks stupid and ugly and pollutes the eyesight.

In addition to false cuddly mascot sold at any street corner, a Chinese netizen has published a picture showing that the mascot Haibao was a copy of Gumby, an American cartoon character. To defend themselves, Chinese announced that their mascot is blue and wears a hat. Their arguments are not really convincing. You can get an idea with the photo below, Gumby is on the left and Haibao on the right.

Chinese people like to copy anything on earth and it is not really a secret, even the official theme song of the world exposition has been copied. That is a shame because the Expo would serve as a showcase for China and now they mess up their message. For myself I find that Haibao also looks like SpongeBob or Towelie from Southpark.

Here is a bonus video showing some fake copycat cuddly toys.

ChiniTech – Source japanprobe

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