The genius and inventor James Dyson had probably seen it coming, the Chinese would not wait that its patents on the new Dyson Air Multiplier old in a drawer before going to work. For those who do not know the Dyson Air Multiplier, it is a highly innovative and design fan without fan blade. And we know more than everyone on ChiniTech, this is a matter of time before the Chinese masters of counterfeit clone a novelty. Sir James Dyson may be angry because in addition to using the same technology, the design is also carefully copied. Yes sorry Mr. Dyson, but the counterfeiters don’t shanzhai in detail. And I forgot, this will perhaps delight Mr. Dyson (or not). Chinese Counterfeiters often forget to clone one thing, guess what… ?The price!?Indeed, the Air Multiplier “Made in China” is displayed at 30 dollars, or about 10 times less expensive than the original. Anyone interested??Many, I’m sure.


Note: To top it all, we note that on the picture, the clone of the Air Multiplier is placed on an iPad clone.

Chinitech – Source Gizmodo via Gizchina

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