On the Chinese counterfeit market (Shanzhai) we can find many perfect clones, and other copies that improved the original one. Today I’ve found this model called the Air Phone N0.1 which is very successful in this momment in China, . Its reference is already showing its ambitions (to be the No.1 phones in China). This smartphone is extremely thin only 8mm which is almost 2 times thinner than the original iPhone 3GS. It could be a so called version of a macbook air iPhone, or vice versa. Admit it, It looks really classy just like an iPod Touch.

It features a 3.5 inch Touchscreen with a resolution of 480×320. Inside, we find a WiFi module to surf and 2 GB of internal memory, a FM radio, QQ and MSN. It supports Java 2.0 and it reads DivX and MP3 file. He can even fix one of the largest default of the iPhone, since it is possible to remove the battery. All this for a $100 price tag.

Let that be an example for Apple, when is Steve Jobs going to propose an iPhone air?

ChiniTech – Source bbs.m8cool

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