The Chinese Shanzhai community has strucked on the iPhone again, they hit so hard on it that it became oval. The Leady Apple (probably a Chinglish for Lady), is a feminized version of the iPhone (in case you don’t believe it, there is the Apple logo on the back) with a very appealing oval shape style. The curving screen mesures 2.6 inches with a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels and its mirror function will definitely help narcissistic girls to apply make-up.

This clone features two SIM cards, FM radio, a camera, MP3 and MP4 player with built-in speaker, SD card slot, Bluetooth, WAP,? GPRS, and an USB plug. It comes with 2 batteries, measures 95×64x13mm and weighs only 65g.

Finally Chinese cloners have created something original (Apple can be inspired) and which should be a hit for woman. It’s already available in China and is priced at around $75.

ChiniTech – Source m8cool

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