Steve Jobs did not appreciate that his iPhone 4G was prematurely leaked by Gizmodo. And he may also not appreciate this new Chinese clone but this time they’ve cloned the 4GS version ! So Chinese are already a half generation ahead of Apple as iPhone 4G is not on the market yet.

What about this 4GS evolution fruit of predictions and development office of Miphone. Firstly,the design does not look much like the version of Gizmodo. This one is thinner, less angular and looks more like an iPhone 3G. It seems that Miphone was unprepared when his rival presented his clone in a record time.

Like all Chinese iPhone, the battery is removable from the black lacquered back hull. There are buttons disposed on the brushed metal edge, but also a mini USB and two speakers at the bottom of the phone. Its touch screen mesures 3.2 inch, it’s got a dual SIM.

Well now I’m wondering which Chinese conterfeiting company will dare to present an iPhone 5G?

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiji

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