Yesterday, I had already written an article about this famous clone of the iPad discovered in Shenzhen and which only costs $130. Today I’ve found the specifications of this low-cost tablet PC.

Firstly, it does indeed have a 7′ touch screen with a resolution of 800×480. It has a Rockchip RK2808 processor and adopts Android OS just like the Ramos W7. This processor runs at 600Mhz and is capable of decoding video up to 720p. In addition it includes a WiFi and 3G module and has a USB connection. It is also possible to read MS Office files with a third party software. MOONSE has preinstalled the famous QQ for Android, MSN and Skype. The 3000mAh battery allows 5 hours of running time.

According to the journalist, the reactivity of the interface is average, but weight and comfort are decent. The only weak spot is that while playing a video the device showed some lag without knowing the cause.

ChiniTech – Source eetrend

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