Nokia has recently put in sales its newest QWERTY smartphone, the Nokia E7. The Chinese did not wait very long time to clone it as they had cloned the N8 even before its release. NCKIA, his manufacturer has choosen to call it N9 which is suppose to be more higher than the N8 range.

The NCKIA N9mini is based on a platform that mimics the interface MTK Symbian ^ 3. It is dual SIM, has a 2mégapixels webcam, the screen is touch-sensitive and pivots to make room for a QWERTY keyboard. It has a SD card up to 4GB max.

It looks nice and classy with touch of chrome and mate black plastic and, regarding the price, it is as usual much cheaper than the original something like 60 euros.

ChiniTech – Source pcpop

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