The shanzhai community has the habit of cloning almost all recent and popular phones as we have seen for the Nokia N8 or the iPhone 4. This time, the Chinese phone Lenovo Lephone was not an exception to the rule. Called Nckia X7 (note that the letter “o” was replaced by the letter “c”, well thought!), its design is almost similar to the Lephone, the only differences on this clone are the addition of the Nokia logo on the front front and rear and the addition of few buttons at the bottom of the device.

In terms of features, it is (very) far from Lenovo’s Lephone. Indeed, there is a lack of GPS and WiFi. The screen displays a resolution of only 240x400px, however it supports Java, plays MP3, MP4, AVI, JPG, GIF, BMP. And like almost all Chinese clones, it has two SIM card slots, a FM tuner, two cameras and runs on a MTK platform.

You’ll now be able to boast of owning the Nokia X7 for about 60 Dollars.

ChiniTech – source M8cool

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