The race to perfect clone of iPad is launched among those involved in counterfeiting it in China. Here is the first clone to achieve the same frequency of the iPad processor, 1 GHz. For this, the new clone will have the future ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

The photo shows a prototype which is still in testing phase and will be available in masse for May. The 16/9 touchscreen display has a 800×480 resolution for 7 inches. It has the G-sensor, which turns the image when you flip the device. Only WiFiis included but it will get a 3G chip for the future release.

According to the journalist who tested it, he found the start of Android a bit long about 20 seconds to get on Google page. But the menu navigation was particularly fluid. Some common softwares like MSN, SKYPE, GMAIL, QQ, Youku, and a PDF reader are pre-installed in the Tablet PC.

Regarding the video player aspect, the journalist tried a HD video of Avatar at 720p from an SD card without any problems. For the 1080p we must wait the final version. At the rear of the hull, we find a slot that allows the Speaker sound to come out.

The Tablet PC weighs 332gr for 14mm, it is twice as light as the iPad, eh I forgot, it has an SD card reader and USB port.

No information on the price, but according to my predictions, it will probably be priced at $150.

ChiniTech – Source Shanzhaiben

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