China is often mentioned when talking about counterfeiting, but some brands attach importance to the design of their product. 3NOD a Chinese brand of Shenzhen (capital of conterfeiting) has made innovation, an essential quality for its products. And with that he has been rewarded with a reddot design award.

The reward has been given to the brand for its USB speaker. The 3NOD iSpeak-600 has a well-rounded design. The cylindrical shell of the unit is made of aluminum brushed, it gives a feeling of strength and stability. Another feature, the two speakers have magnets at their bottom that allow them to form one cylinder. This facilitates their transport into their case.

They are especially suitable for laptop, because you only need a USB connection to power the speaker and its digital amplifier. You can control the volume via the bluish touch-sensitive buttons on the side.

The aspect of the iSpeak sound was also worked. Each speaker of 2 watts is 2-inches big. Their paper fiber cones give a soft, warm and detailed sound.

The price of these little wonders is relatively high because it is priced at $90 . Well don’t dream, even in China, quality has a price!

ChiniTech – Source 3NOD

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